What We Do

JM Harwood develops innovative solutions to your worst problems.  Our main thrusts are
  • Flow control and flow measurement.
  • Custom product development.
  • Externally funded aerospace R&D.
JM Harwood’s core areas of expertise are flow control, flow metering, flow measurement, custom pumps, spray systems, and engine technology and integration.  We solve the problems that are not getting solved.

Flow Metering and Measurement. Engine Technology. Custom Pumps. Spray Systems.


Flow Control

  • Flow restrictors
  • Flow orifices
  • Check valves
  • Flow measurement
  • Fast actuating valves

Aerospace R & D

  • Small heavy fuel engines
  • 2-stroke engine modification
  • Injection Systems
  • UAV Engines
  • Combustion
  • Integration

Other Specialities

  • Custom spray systems
  • Small custom pumps
  • Piezoelectric actuation
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Product development
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