What issues cause you grief?

JM Harwood solves the problems that are not getting solved:
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Mechanical design
JM Harwood is a contract R&D firm that develops innovative solutions to your worse problems. Our core areas of expertise are flow control, flow metering, flow measurement, custom pumps, spray systems, engine technology and integration.

Custom Spray Systems.  Flow metering and measurement.  Small custom pumps.  Engine technology.


Spray Systems

  • Custom spray systems
  • Micro-volume dispensing 
  • Electro-mechanical valves
  • Custom nozzles
  • Custom pumps

Engine Technology

  • Small heavy fuel engines
  • 2-stroke engine modification
  • Injection Systems
  • UAV Engines
  • Combustion
  • Integration

Other Specialities

  • Piezoelectric actuation
  • Custom flow measurement
  • Custom pressure measurement
  • Hand-held, battery operated tools
  • Heaters

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