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JMHarwood conducts research and development on small heavy fuel UAV engines and miniature direct fuel injection (DFI) systems.

heavy-fuel-combustion-test-rigHeavy Fuel UAV Engines

The Heavy Fuel Combustion Test Bed is our workhorse for small heavy fuel engine development.  It is a modified 3W-56.  This test bed has been used to gather heavy fuel combustion data at both low and high compression ratios.  This test bed has been successfully run on heavy fuels.  JM Harwood has real world data on what can and cannot be done with heavy fuel engines, including in-cylinder pressure measurements of the engine run on both gasoline and heavy fuel.  To summarize:  Yes, you can run a small heavy fuel engine with spark ignition but it is not a good idea.

The test bed has been used to develop miniature DFI systems and explore heavy fuel compression ignition in small bore engines.

JM Harwood can prepare a white paper upon request that will discuss small heavy fuel engines and the outstanding issues.


Miniature Direct Fuel Injection System

Originally designed as a miniature direct fuel injection (DFI) system for small UAV engines, the Very Small Injection Technology (V-SInTech) combines a pump and electronically-controlled injector into a single device.  Fitting in the palm of your hand, the V-SInTech atomizes liquids into droplets as small as 10 microns while dispensing 2 microliters per pulse.  Ejections are adjustable real time, allowing for practically infinite turndown ratio.

The result of several years of advanced aerospace R&D, the V-SInTech is able to fire over 100 times a second at pressures as high as 3000 psi. Various spray nozzle configurations are available for a variety of droplet sizes and patterns.  Various pressures and dispensing volumes are also available.

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