Spray Systems Developed by JM Harwood

JMHarwood has developed many custom spray systems.  Our solutions range from piezoelectric pulsing sprayers to hand-held battery sprayers to very low flow continuous spray systems.

harwood-engines-jetPiezoelectric Spray Systems

Fitting in the palm of your hand, JMHarwood’s piezoelectric spray system atomizes liquids into droplets as small as 10 microns while dispensing 2 microliters per pulse. Each unit combines a pump and an electronically-controlled injector into a single device. Ejections are adjustable real time, allowing for practically infinite turndown ratio.

The result of several years of advanced aerospace R&D, the V-SInTech is able to fire over 100 times a second at pressures as high as 3000 psi. Various spray nozzle configurations are available for a variety of droplet sizes and patterns.  Various pressures and dispensing volumes are also available.

The V-SInTech has wide application potential, ranging from manufacturing to biomedical industries.

SimPact Sprayer

The SimPact family of spray systems combines a pump and nozzle into a single compact, continuous flow spray device. Select from a range of pressures, spray patterns and designs to create an economical spray solution that meets your needs.  Both low cost and industrial versions are available.  

The Mini-Sprayer is designed for applications where size and cost are paramount.  It is predominantly a Delrin and Nylon design.  It is currently used in a battery operated hand held spray device.

Industrial SimPact Sprayer is a stainless steel version of the Mini-Sprayer intended for extended operation.  It was designed to allow easy modification of the spray pattern to ensure rapid customization.  If desired, it can be configured to operate as a pump with either a separate remote nozzle or even no nozzle at all.


Low Flow Chemical Injection System

A low flow, high pressure chemical injection pump is integrated with a low flow nozzle which atomizes gallons per day (GPD) of flow into a fine mist. A high pressure, chemical injection pump small enough to be shipped in a flat rate overnight shipping package is capable of a continuous flow from 1 to 30 GPD at pressures up to 2000 psi. An all stainless steel construction allows operation with corrosive fluids.


Hand-Held Sprayer

Designed to replace aerosol cans for high volume users or safety critical applications, the battery powered hand-held sprayer provides the spray coverage of an aerosol can with less overspray.  Based on the SimPact Mini-Sprayer technology, the sprayer will typically last between 8-14 hours on a single charge.  By interchanging one battery with a fully charged replacement, the user never needs to slow down.


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